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Francie angles

This is me.

Hi. I am Francie and I’m super sentimental.  I don’t want to miss any of THE moments. I can’t help it. FOMO. Am I right? As a young girl, I kept candy wrappers from all the times I went to movies with friends. I covered my mirror with stickers that held meaning to me.  As I got older, photos became my new collection. When I was 11, I found out the yearbook class had a darkroom. I borrowed my grandfather’s old 35mm (which I still have) and started experimenting. Thats where my journey began.  I was deeply influenced by my grandfather’s own photos. He was the one that held all of our most precious family moments and milestones. And when he passed his camera to me, I also took on that role.So, I grabbed my camera, an external vintage light meter and a bunch of rolls of film and learned everything could from my high school photography teacher. He taught me all about the process. My favorite was developing and processing film.  Did I destroy plenty of film while I learned? Maybe. Did I fall in love with this medium. Absolutely. I would spend all my extra time in that lab watching the way the paper revealed it’s hidden secret. I knew then in those moments, I would be a photographer.

Fast forward more years than I’d like to share, here I am. I quit my day job when I had my daughter more than a decade ago and began pursuing a career in photography.

I’m so glad you stopped by to say hi and get to know a little about me. I can’t wait to get to know you too. Email me, text me, Call me. I’m a talker – let’s chat and plan your session so you will be able to hold on to your moments forever too.

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